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Tutoring is available to all students by Department, and individual tutoring can also be set up in the library, by request.  Available times are the tutorial periods on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 6th and 7th periods, after school each day, during some class periods,  and occasionally at lunch.  We also offer tutoring once a week for all AVID students in their class periods.

The library’s tutors are volunteers.  The service is free and shares the limitations of all volunteer programs.  Priority is given to students struggling in a particular Math, Science, or Language class.  Available slots fill up early in the school year, so early sign up is encouraged.  Because of high demand, students are usually limited to one tutoring session per week.

To set up an appointment, contact Mr. Coleman in the library:  Students can also check with their counselor, come directly to the library, or fill out this online Tutoring Request form.

Our tutors are experts in their fields.  Adult Tutors are former high school teachers, college professors, engineers, PhDs, etc.  Many are retirees, but some are college students or currently work in their profession.  We also have Peer Tutors (current TL students) who excel at math, science, and other subjects.

It is important to understand that students placed with a tutor is a serious commitment.  Students MUST keep their appointments, or notify tutors well in advance if they must cancel (otherwise our volunteer tutors may stop tutoring with us).  If there are two no-shows (without notice) in a semester, a student will be dropped. The student must meet in person with Mr. Coleman (in the library) before the student will be placed with a tutor.

We encourage students to take advantage of this popular program and look forward to meeting you.



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Mr. Coleman

Tutoring Coordinator