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Meet the Team
Wellness Staff:

Phone: (628) 433-0064

Nicole Janson, Wellness Coordinator/Clinical Supervisor

Marlena Montano, Wellness Outreach Specialist

Brianna Gallardo, School Psychologist

Tess Roholt, MFT, Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Abby Costello, Associate Mental Health Therapist

Cerbelio Grijalva Reyes, Mental Health Trainee

Ryan Dooley, Mental Health Trainee

School Counselors

Matt Moore last names A-F

Eric Thompson last names G-M

Susan Gatlin last names N-Z

Marta Posada  ELD students

Wellness Center

Resources On Campus

Wellness Center is now officially OPEN!

Check out our new Virtual Wellness Center for additional information and resources. 

Terra Linda currently has a Wellness Coordinator, a Wellness Outreach Specialist, four mental health clinicians and four school counselors available to support our students. Student can access the Wellness space by requesting a "Brain Break" pass from their teacher if they need a mental break during class. This will be good for 10-15 mins, then they will be asked to return to class.

 There are 3 different ways to request site-based mental health services.

  • Students are able to self refer or refer a friend using a QR posted around campus.
  • Staff have an online form to refer students
  • Parents can contact the student's School Counselor (415-492-3112) or the Wellness Coordinator to request support.

If you need help, or know someone who might need help, please reach out to a trusted teacher, counselor, administrator, or come directly to the Wellness Center. We are all here to help.

Resources Off Campus

Crisis Text Line 741741

You text anytime from anywhere and a live, trained crisis counselor receives the text and responds quickly.

Marin Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline 415-499-1100
24 hours a day. Works with teens.

Monday-Friday 8am-9pn Saturday 1pm-9pm


SRCS has partnered with Care Solace, an online resource with live 24/7 concierge to help individuals find local mental health related programs and counseling services.  Call 888-515-0595 to speak with someone from the Concierge team, or visit our custom District link: Care Solace takes into account all types of private insurance including Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medicare, and those that have no insurance. NOTE: non-emergency services only. 

For an extensive list of more off campus resources please click here

Click here for a short video, "A Wellness Story" to learn how students can access our Wellness Center.

Haga clic aquí para ver un breve video, "Una Historia de Bienestar", para saber cómo los estudiantes pueden acceder a nuestro Centro de Bienestar.

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Next Event: The Adolescent Brain Dec. 7th, 2022 @ 7 PM


student wellness advisory committee:

Meets every first Friday of the month during tutorial in the Wellness Center. 

Help with community building, identifying wellness issues, educating your peers, and advising the Wellness Center.

Interested? Reach out to our Wellness Outreach Specialist or just come on down to the Wellness Center during our meeting time.

Articles & Resources for parents:

Check out our ParentEd night titled, “Whose Battle is This? Parenting an Anxious Teen During a Pandemic.” 

Tlhs wellness center calendar

Please check out our calendar for upcoming events and details.