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 Welcome to Terra Linda High School's webpage for volunteering opportunities!  Here, you will find opportunities to get involved with the local community!  

Due to COVID-19, many volunteer organizations are temporarily closed, while other opportunities have sprung up.

Students, consider:

* making masks at home (here's a great article about making an app for to get masks to those who need them!)

* delivering groceries or takeout food for elderly neighbors. Here's an article about a successful venture started by California teens, and another about a national organization.  

* being a companion for the elderly; two companies, Mon Ami and Papa, are providing opportunities for this (and might even pay you for it!)

* tutoring children online who need help in a subject or subjects that you are good at

* providing technological assistance to those who need it (with hotspots, wi-fi, their devices), especially kids who need them for school

     - this article from the Los Angeles Times (May 10) highlights some of the educational disparities some students are facing 

* planting gardens

* doing yardwork, painting, or other outdoor projects for neighbors

* serving food to the needy* making coloring books for younger relatives

* making helpful video compilations like this student did with 300 students and other musicians from around their state

Naturally, ask your parents for permission first, if any of these will require leaving your home solo, and/or contact with the public, and maintain proper physical distancing at all times and wear masks as required; you can also do many of these activities with one of your parents! volunteering (many offsite from Civic Center)

Animals, environmental, outdoors

Marin Audubon Society (Corte Madera & Novato)

Marin Humane Society (Novato) (Sausalito)

WildCare (76 Albert Lark Ln., SR)

Art, museums, media

Marin Art & Garden Center

Building, construction, housing

Habitat for Humanity

Children and youth-related

Walker Creek Ranch

Civic services, gov't, libraries (ages 18+)

Marin Center/Marin County Fair

Education & tutoring

Canal Alliance 

Healthcare & hospitals

Kaiser Permanente

Marin General Hospital

Meal programs and shelters

St. Vincent De Paul Society (820 B St., SR)

Senior citizens and services

Sunrise Senior Living

Whistlestop Marin