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Work Permits and Jobs: 

Contact Ms. Tremolada for help obtaining a work permit:  here is the application for the work permit

General guidelines:

* 16-17 years old:

- 4 hours per day on a school day

- 8 hours/day on non-school days 

- 48 hours per week

- Hours: 5am-10pm


* 14-15 years old:

- 3 hours/day on a school day

- 8 hours/day on a non-school day

- 18 hours per week max

- Hours:7am-7pm,


* Under 14 years old

Labor laws generally prohibit employment of children under 14, except for agricultural work, domestic work, and the entertainment industry

Details here!

Work Permits, Jobs, Careers


Many students graduate from high school, and directly enter the workforce!

Countless careers exist: automotive, carpenter, construction, cosmetology, electricians, firefighters, HVAC, landscapers, painters, plumbers, police officers, roofers, and more!

A great place to begin, is the California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association

Marin County Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics

Law enforcement: 

Marin County Sheriff

San Rafael Police

California Highway Patrol

all law enforcement links (Marin County Sheriff, SRPD, CHP, and all Marin police departments

Jobs for students are updated at left as we receive word from employers about job openings.  

Employers, if you are currently hiring high school-aged students, please email Brad Ward at, and we will advertise to our students!