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Congratulations! You've committed to a college/university for next year! Now it's time to order your final transcript. Please review the document linked below for directions, and if you have questions, contact your counselor or the registrar

Directions for ordering your final transcript

Non Graduating Current and Alumni Student requests

To request an official TLHS transcript, or follow up on a previous request, please contact Erica Providenza in the Registrar's Office at Please include the following information in your initial email:

Current Students

The full name, specific address (mail or email) and any contact information of the school/institution you would like the transcript sent. If you have an application number, please include that as well.

Please Note: Counselors upload initial and midyear transcripts via the Common Application if requested. Hardcopy transcripts are not needed if our counselor has uploaded your transcript via an approval platform.

Alumni Students

1. Identification (CA license/identification card or passport)

2. Year of graduation from Terra Linda High School

3. Full/Maiden name at the time of graduation

4. Name, Title, Institution and Address of the individual designated to receive your transcript.

If you are requesting we send your records digitally, please provide the email address of the institution, college or agency requiring your records and any file/record/student number associated with your application. At this time, we cannot send digital transcripts through any third party agency such as Parchment, eScript, etc.

Note: If we send a transcript addressed to your home address, it may not be considered an official transcript if forwarded on and, therefore, may not be eligible to be used for college or employment. Please confirm with your institution or employer before requesting your transcript in this manner.

There is a $10.00 fee per copy. Please send cash or check/money order to: 

Terra Linda High School, 320 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903 Attn: Registrar


Adding outside credits to your TL transcript

To receive high school credit for coursework completed at a community college or four-year college, the student must fill out the Place Alternative Credits on Transcript form below (see blue button) in addition to providing an official transcript from the school. Please refer all documents to or your counselor.