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Mr. Lumsden Locker

Mr. Lumsden's English Classes


Welcome to Mr. Lumsden's Webpage! Please contact me via email with any questions at For all parents and students, every week's assignments are posted on Friday. If you are absent during the week, your completed weekly packet is due on Tuesday the next week. All assignments are saved in Microsoft Word. If you don't have Microsoft Word on your computer, please download the viewer from Mr. Lumsden's Locker on the left side of this page. Thanks!

How Do I Find Old Assignments?

Okay, you're here and you want to complete some work (student) or you're about to make your kid complete some work (parent). Here are the steps for getting to old assignments.

1) Click on your class title (left top of this page)

2) Find the calendar on the right side. Click on the month's name (i.e. October 2011).

3) Find the week for which you want to complete assignments.

4) Look at the Friday of that week. Click on the assignment there.

5) Open with Microsoft Word or save to the desktop. If you saved the filed, then click on that file to open it (some computers may require a double click).

Current Assignments