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Aeries Parent & Student Portal

We strongly urge parents and students to monitor academic progress via Aeries parent/student portal.  

Please call 415.492.3102 or email for assistance logging in.  

If you have a question about your student's grade or questions about content and/or curriculum in a specific class, please contact your student's teacher/s as a first step.


Progress Reports & Grading Periods

Progress reports are issues approximately every six weeks:

Fall semester:  1st Quarter Progress | 1st Quarter Grades | 2nd Quarter Progress | Fall Semester Grade (December)

Spring semester: 3rd Quarter Progress | 3rd Quarter | 4th Quarter Progress | Spring Semester Grade (June)

Semester grades are the only grades that are recorded on the permanent academic record (transcript).


Athletic eligibility is determined at four points throughout the year: 1st quarter, fall semester, 3rd quarter, and spring semester.