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Welcome seniors! As the school year begins in our online environment, counselors will be working virtually to ensure that you are on track to meet high school graduation and college entrance requirements. We are available via email and are happy to set up a virtual meeting with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The counselors and College & Career Center staff hosted an informational session on Monday 9/14 at 1pm to discuss the college application process. Review the Google Slides presentation here. A partial recording is available here

Senior Conferences: Counselors will meet individually with each senior to review graduation status and post-secondary plans. These meetings will take place over the course of the second half of September and October. Each senior will be invited to a Senior Conference meeting with his or her counselor.

Letters of recommendation: If you plan to apply to private or out-of-state colleges/universities, follow these directions to request a letter of recommendation from your counselor (UC and CSU do not require letters of recommendation). 

Please note: Our District no longer provides access to Naviance. We recommend that you use California Colleges to search for prospective colleges. 



Please review these notes about finding the right college for you, and begin to compile a list of colleges and universities to which you think you’d like to apply. We recommend that you identify 5-10 colleges/universities, including “Likely” schools (your GPA and test scores, if required, are well within range to be accepted) to “Reach” schools (dream school, highly competitive: colleges where your academic qualifications are below the average accepted student).

NOTE - REPORTING COURSEWORK/GRADES FOR UC: Report courses as taken in semesters for all four years. You will receive 2 grades per class this year even though each class will be taken in a single semester. In "Additional Comments", state that TL has gone to a 4 x 4 block schedule this year. 


UC and CSU campuses do not require or accept letters of recommendation, but many private and out-of-state colleges do. When you are researching schools, please review and note the specific freshman admission requirements for each school. You may want to use a Google Form similar to the template in step 2 below to track everything. Be sure to note which schools will require letters of recommendation. Typically, if a school requires letters of recommendation, they will require one letter from your counselor, and 1-2 letters from your teachers. 



  1. Research prospective colleges and identify 5-10 colleges/universities to which you would like to apply. Use a search tool such as California Colleges

  2. Create a spreadsheet like this one listing application requirements and deadlines for each school to which you plan to apply. This will take a bit of research on your part.  Most colleges list this information under ‘Undergraduate Admissions.’ 

  3. If you plan to apply to private or out-of-State colleges/universities that will required letters of recommendation, make sure to follow these directions for requesting a letter of recommendation from your counselor. 

  4. If any of the colleges require essays, work on completing a solid draft of either your Common App personal statement, or two of the four UC PIQ's first. 

  5. Make sure to attend all of our informational events listed below. 

Reach out to your counselor or to our CCC staff if you have any questions! We're here to help.


Resources for seniors and parents:

California Colleges: college/career search tool and financial aid information

Tips for parents: supporting your senior in the college application process

Is applying early right for you? 

Four year college application tips  

Choosing colleges 



  • 9/14  Senior Guidance: graduation and college application 1PM
  • Sep/Oct  Individual Senior Conferences
  • Oct TBD  Financial Aid Presentation for seniors and parents 
  • 10/15  College Presentation for seniors and parents 
  • TBD  College Application Workshops via the CCC 
  • Nov 30  Deadline to apply to UC 
  • Dec 4  Deadline to apply to CSU
  • Dec 4  Last day for students to request letters of rec from counselors
  • March 2  DEADLINE to file FAFSA (everyone should apply)
  • June  Seniors submit request for final transcripts to be sent to the college they will be attending