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Summer Assignments 2020


Courses that require summer assignments have assignments linked below.

PLEASE NOTE: Give the extraordinary circumstances that we all find ourselves in this year, summer assignments, if listed below, are recommended. Students should make every effort to have this work completed by the time school starts in the fall in order to be well-prepared for each course, but will not be penalized if the work is not completed.   


AP English Literature: no assignment

AP English Language: no assignment


APUSH / APUSH MSEL: no assignment

AP US Government: no assignment

Philosophy Honors: no assignment


AP Chemistry

Chemistry Honors: no assignment

AP Biology: no assignment

Physiology Honors: no assignment

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics 1


AP Calculus AB: no assignment

AP Statistics: no assignment

Pre-Calculus Honors: no assignment

Algebra 2 Honors: no assignment

Alg 2 HP / Pre-Calc HP Block: no assignment

Geometry Honors: no assignment


AP Spanish 

AP French: no assignment

Spanish 2 Honors

Spanish 3 Honors contact Mr. Teakle: 

Spanish 4 Honors

French 2 Honors: no assignment

French 3 Honors: no assignment


AP Studio Art 

Drama 4 Honors

AP Music Theory: no assignment


AP Comp Sci A: complete survey ( for details)

AP Comp Sci Principles: no assignment

Game Design Honors: complete assignments in Canvas ( for details)