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Team Schedules, Coaches & Instateam

 What is InstaTeam? InstaTeam is the app we use to communicate and engage with athletes and their families. It helps coaches, parents & players access updated schedules, communicate with the team and receive reminders and notifications for team events. InstaTeam is currently being used by many athletic teams in various schools.


How to Access InstaTeam:

Step 1:  Create an account.

  • InstaTeam can b​e accessed from a computer or mobile device.  

    • ​To access from a desktop visit

    • The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store or by clicking on from your mobile phone.

Step 2:  Enter the Team Code below (these change each year!):

Locate the team you would like to be added to. Find the team code. Please be sure to select the accurate role (for example, if you are a parent, select PARENT ROLE, not player, other or coach).

INSTATEAM sport CODES 2022/23

InstaTeam codes that are hyperlinks will take you to that teams current schedule


Cheerleading - Varsity DEAZ3X Lyndsay Burcina
Fall Cheerleading - JV DEAYHY Lyndsay Burcina
Fall Cross Country DEAR6J Warren Lanier
Fall Football - Varsity DEAZ3X Dallas Hartwell
Fall Football - JV DEAYHY Dallas Hartwell
Fall Golf - Women's Varsity DEAV7A Steve Troya

(415) 883-2891


Volleyball - Women's Varsity DEAYEF Mandy Torres
Fall Volleyball - Women's JV DEAMM2 Mandy Torres
Fall Volleyball - Women's Frosh DEA6WU Mandy Torres
Fall Water Polo - Men's Varsity DEAFQ4 Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Men's JV DEA89M Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Women's Varsity DEA8QX Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Women's JV DEA5YL Geoff Peters
Fall Tennis - Women's Varsity DEAN48 Julie Wellik


Winter Basketball - Men's Varsity DEA8RD James Baker
Winter Basketball - Men's JV DEAR6F Russell Grassi
Winter Basketball - Men's Frosh DEAQ2R Jeff Burgess
Winter Basketball - Women's Varsity DEAMK4 Mary White
Winter Basketball - Women's JV DEAKGU Dave Peters
Winter Soccer - Men's Varsity DEADDL Mike Crivello
Winter Soccer - Men's JV DEA9CQ Kirk Hunter
Winter Soccer - Women's Varsity DEAGLT Dylan Arroyo
Winter Soccer - Women's JV DEAQ85 Sergei Tchelakov
Winter Wrestling DEAJSR Alex Wahl
Spring  Baseball - Men's Varsity DEAFKC

Jay Bayler

Spring Baseball - Men's JV DEAJGY Jay Bayler
Spring Golf - Men's  DEA33Z Steve Troya (415) 883-2891
Spring Lacrosse - Men's Varsity DEA2FQ Aaron Golbus
Spring Lacrosse - Men's JV DEAUG6 Jeff Alas
Spring Lacrosse - Women's DEAQN9 Erik Jorgensen
Spring Softball - Women's DEA6RR Kaitlyn Hager
Spring Swim DEA926 Tim Baker
Spring Dive DEA926 David Cotton
Spring Tennis - Men's DEA8X4 Richard Waxman
Spring Volleyball - Men's  DEALVH Loren Anderson

Track & Field 


Warren Lanier