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Team Schedules, Coaches & Instateam


What is InstaTeam?  InstaTeam is the app that we use to communicate and engagement with athlete and their families. It helps coaches, parents & players to access updated information, instantly communicate with the team and receive reminders and notifications for team events. InstaTeam is currently being used by many athletic teams in various schools; players and parents find it easy, fast and convenient.


How to Access InstaTeam:

Step 1:  Create an account.

  • InstaTeam can b​e accessed from a computer or mobile device.  

    • ​To access from a desktop visit

    • The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play store or by clicking on from your mobile phone.

Step 2:  Enter the Team Code below (these change each year!):

Locate the team you would like to be added to. Find the team code. Please be sure to select the accurate role (for example, if you are a parent, select PARENT ROLE, not player, other or coach).

INSTATEAM sport CODES 2022/23

Instateam codes that are hyperlinks will take you to that teams current schedule


Cheerleading - Varsity DEAZ3X Lyndsay Burcina
Fall Cheerleading - JV DEAYHY Lyndsay Burcina
Fall Cross Country DEAR6J Warren Lanier
Fall Football - Varsity DEAZ3X Dallas Hartwell
Fall Football - JV DEAYHY Dallas Hartwell
Fall Golf - Women's Varsity TBD Steve Troya


Volleyball - Women's Varsity DEAYEF Mandy Torres
Fall Volleyball - Women's JV DEAMM2 Mandy Torres
Fall Volleyball - Women's Frosh DEA6WU Mandy Torres
Fall Water Polo - Men's Varsity DEAFQ4 Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Men's JV DEA89M Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Women's Varsity DEA8QX Geoff Peters
Fall Water Polo - Women's JV DEA5YL Geoff Peters
Fall Tennis - Women's Varsity DEAN48 Julie Wellik


Winter Basketball - Men's Varsity DEA667 James Baker
Winter Basketball - Men's JV DEAA5D TBD TBD
Winter Basketball - Men's Frosh DEAW56 Russell Grassi
Winter Basketball - Women's Varsity DEAAF2 TBD TBD
Winter Basketball - Women's JV MCKWPX Dave Peters
Winter Basketball - Women's Frosh DEAAVB Joe Holt

Winter Soccer - Men's Varsity DEA5BH Mike Crivello
Winter Soccer - Men's JV DEACHV Kirk Hunter
Winter Soccer - Women's Varsity DEAJE8 Dylan Arroyo
Winter Soccer - Women's JV DEAPEU Jason Mendez
Winter Wrestling DEAL2U Gabe Castrillo
Spring  Baseball - Men's Varsity DEA29G

Jay Bayler

David Barnes

Spring Baseball - Men's JV DEATXC TBD TBD
Spring Golf - Men's  DEABJ6 Steve Troya
Spring Lacrosse - Men's DEAWQZ Aaron Golbus
Spring Lacrosse - Women's DEAETR Erik Jorgensen
Spring Softball - Women's DEAKVV Kaitlyn Hager
Spring Swim DEADMT Tim Baker
Spring Dive DEADMT David Cotton
Spring Tennis - Men's DEASPA Rocky Pierson
Spring Volleyball - Men's  DEA4VM John Buckley

Track & Field 


Warren Lanier