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Staff Contacts
Contact Karen Arcangelo  Karen Arcangelo Teacher
Contact Lisa Crawford  Lisa Crawford Teacher
Contact Lisa Cummings  Lisa Cummings Teacher
Contact Adam Hicks  Adam Hicks Teacher
Contact Teagen Leonhart  Teagen Leonhart Teacher
Contact Jennifer Little  Jennifer Little Teacher
Contact Mr. Lumsden  Mr. Lumsden English Teacher
Contact Colin Meusel  Colin Meusel Teacher
Contact Patricia O'Brien  Patricia O'Brien English Teacher
Contact Brett Sanderson  Brett Sanderson Teacher
Contact Maria Sharp Tinnel  Maria Sharp Tinnel Teacher
Contact David Tow  David Tow Teacher


Karen Arcangelo  English 9 MSEL, Social Justice P, English 9P

Lisa Crawford       English 10P, English 9P

Lisa Cummings    AVID 10 (Skinny A)

Adam Hicks          English 9P, Yearbook P

Teagen Leonhart  Short Fiction P,  Journalism 1/2 P

Jennifer Little        ELD 

Brent Lumsden     English 10, English 9P, English 10P MSEL

Colin Meusel         ELD, Short Fiction P

Patricia O'Brien     AP English Literature, English 10P

Sanderson, Brett   AP English Language, ELD

Maria Tinnel          English 9, AVID 12 4A, AVID 9 4B

David Tow             AP English Language, AP English Literature, Philosophy HP

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https://CalState edu


https://Admissions University of California

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College of Marin:

http://College of Marin link

Santa Rosa Junior College:

https://Santa Rose JC Application

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https://Beginning Essay doc


Essays:  Advanced:

https://Advanced Essay doc

Scholarship search:

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